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Soheil M.Hosseini

I realize your sketches, designs, mockups and ideas into fully functional Android apps, through the power of coffee.

About Me


Since the dawn of my finding out about computers and code at age 7, all of my hopes and dreams about becoming a helicopter pilot were replaced by hopes and dreams of becoming a coder.

This lead me to looking at anything with a digital UI in a different way than others. When everyone would look at a screen to learn how things are done, I would focus on how things are made.

That was when I found out I wanted to become a designer of attention grabbing and logical screens which everyone would want to stop what they were doing, look at, and hopefully use.

That's where the UX/UI designer in me was born.


That wasn't were I wanted to stop since I still wanted to push into the sacred code territory.

My first experience with code was a failed attempt at creating a game in Unity engine with C#. The game didn't take off, but it thought me a lot, including "when you click a button, cool things can happen", and where else better than mobile apps with cool-action filled buttons?

This is where the Android Coder in me took form.


After a few weeks of fiddling with Android Studio and Android SDK, I began working in "Sepahan Arces", a Web and App development firm in Isfahan as an intern. About one month later I became a full-time employee and began creating simple applications - including UX and UI - on my own, but soon moved on to more complex ones.

To amp up the challenge for myself, 8 months later I left the firm and joined a bigger one with more serious projects, named "Armangarayan Technology Development", in Tehran. I learned a lot from the talented people there, but unfortunately all we did was debugging 10+ legacy apps.

After a few months I decided to leave to work on my own projects so I could also learn the new things happening in the world of Android development, namely 'Kotlin'. The result of that was 'NiceWatcher'. (see below)

After that I worked in some other companies and alongside more awesome people, mentored some interns, and faced and overcame new challenges. (to see some of them, scroll down to MyResumeApp)

Now I'm looking forward into working on bigger projects with companies or individuals with challenges that require, and inspire, some hard thinking.



Resume App

My Github Page


Written entirely in Kotlin, it's an unofficial application in which you can see your mining status in the 'NiceHash Pool', and also be notified of events

Main Page

This application's theme is directly based on the official NiceHash's website theme, but there are quite a few UX and UI changes to the design to make it work better in a small screen and as an application.

Workers' Tab

The workers' status previewing has been redesigned from that of the official NiceHash website to show every detail you may need in a small screen and space, and utilizing colors as indicators has resulted in an although crowded, but clean UI.

Notifications and Preferences

The main feature of this app is it's ability to inform the user of a mining-rig stopping working, or when it has a high rejection rate, or when the user gets a new payment to their wallet from NiceHash.
All can be activated easily by flipping a switch, although the features are customizable as well.

If you have an Android device, you may:

And if you don't, you may:

Resume App

A better representation of my Android development skills than my CV.

The Purpose

Since I have no formal computer science education in any parts of the computer stuff I do, I've decided to make this Application as a representative of what I've been able to achieve, and have it be a show off replacement for my licences and grades!


The idea of this app is basically a one Activity application with different sections for showing my CV, and images and videos of best of the apps I've made.

Don't Miss These

The core of the app was written when I was 6 months deep into the Android development world so they may not look like much. But there's a section titled 'Honorable Mentions' that house best of my recent achievements, and cool little experiments I had.

If you have an Android device, you may:

And if you don't, you may:

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